Snake on the trail!

Here is a picture of the snake

 So today (82818) and three days ago, I tried to publish this old site as I always have, but it didn't work.

Wonder what is going on? 


Really - snake on the trail

So I was just minding my own business.  Going down the trail.

But here was this snake - blocking the way.

Well, I had just gotten a snake out of my home.  This snake was even bigger and I didn't appreciate it blocking the way.  I picked it up by its tail.  I spun myself around.  The snake became centrifugal - if you know what I mean.  It couldn't get back to me.  I twirled around and at the same time stepped off the trail.  I set the snake down.  In the tall grass.  It was off the trail, and I went on my way.

The only problem for me was that my hands smelled.  Snake smell.  There was a creek off to the side of the trail and I climbed down the rocks to get to the water.  I washed my hands.  I washed the snake smell away. 

Consider this:

Consider this if you will.


What do you think the snake was thinking as I was twirling it around?

Before I dropped it in the tall grass?

And after I dropped it in the tall grass?

I have no idea, but I can tell you this - that snake was happy that I decided to let it go.

I could have done so many other things to it if I wanted to, but I just wanted to get it out of my way.

Plus, I wanted to determine if I could pick that "bad boy" up, and sure enough, it was no problem.

Hell, just a week or so prior, I had removed another black snake from a drawer in my house.

That one I did set in the backyard and I sent it off on its way with well intent.  I hope things went well for that snake, but I did see the owl hanging around not too long after that.....hmmmmm.



Please note that everything above is basically "true and accurate", but still please consider it a "poem".  That is also basically what it is.  Peace!

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July 29, 2018 (72918) - This site is old, many of the links probably don't work anymore if they ever did...
I might get back to this site and the one other I still have going, but most of what I authored is no longer published on the web.  I have copies though. 
 I'm relatively young (52 for bout two more weeks), so I'm sure there are way bigger snakes.  For me, I'll worry about the ones nearby the most.  I don't mind snakes.  I like them.  Ken - "actually my birthday is in 12 days".  It is 2018.
 I'm doing good.  I hope you are as well.  The future is bright!

OK - just click that link below (the only one I think on this site that works), and then I'll tell you my entrepeniurial (how do you spell that fing word?) idea.

 It is really simple, and I patent it with this statement:

 Mix a bunch of plastics and you could say resins, a real hodgepodge of em, but in a controlled sort of way and .....BINGO - Plastic recycling is amazing!

 I patent that and I claim royalaties as well!  Talk to me.  Ken Hausle is my name.


 This site is published.  Ken - August 4, 2018 10:37 am EST.  Or you could say:  8418:1037: e

Today is my birthday, so I will take the liberty of telling you in advance.  The patent above is going to be explained in way more detail and its gonna happen here at this site.

If I live another year, it will be here for all to read.  P.S.  This latest text, is also part of the patent, but rest assured, I will explain what I meant bout "resins".  Detail Baby!   

I've decided to add some more text here in my own free liberty of choice.  The text in this section will deal with my plastic recycling patent.  This patent is going to make me and my family rich for sure.

I already have good plastic contacts, so that is a check, and I have good judgement on who to talk with, and I most assuredaly am a damm good math guy and enineer.

So, I will be in Minneapolis this week at one of our facilities and there are folks there who I think can help me with this plan.  We shall see! 


 OK, here is the deal.  The trip to Minnisota is over and I won't be going back, but I think some ideas were shared and these ideas might lead to something good.  We are going to figure out a way to recycle what we have and it will be valuable to US.  Count on it.

The key thing here is that I will be working with others who share my goals and together we will succeed or fail, but we will do it together.  I think success is the most likely outcome because let me tell you - I want this.  If you don't truly want it, you'll never get it.


So here is the first step of my new idea and a critical aspect of the patent I shall claim.  In the company of my imagination, when you have a job it is pretty much guaranteed to be forever.

Now - I said "pretty much", so I hope you understand, but what do you think that means:  It means to get a job in my imagination, I've gotta to do some good due diligence.  Or more broadly - If I ever start a company, we will do our due diligence before hiring anybody.


BUT - Once your are hired, then you got a job for life.  That is how it used to be and that way is better.    

In America, we have great ideas!  More will be forthcoming.


OK folks, here the first truly substantative aspect of the patent I've been talking about.  It starts with making a plastic up front that is meant to be recycled.  Make it pure, and save it for later.  Later it can be mixed with so many things.

Many of those things will rely on petroleum - which we all should know is a precious resource.  The original plastic will also, of course, be organic, but there are many options for that.  Study Chemistry if you want a job in my company.

As stated on this day, by me, Ken Hausle, from Charlotte, NC.  The day is Septebmer 3, 2018 (090313), and it is 12:07 pm Eastern Standard Time in the United States of America. 


OK, so now it is time to take this to the next level.  The first idea of mine for a recyclable plastic designed to be such from the get go is gonna be based on one that we really already know how to make.  So begins a little study for which there will be way more detail forthcoming on the already manufactured chemical known as cellulose acetate.  A little tweak here and a small smidgen of goodness there, and we got a seriously good polymer.  Remember what I said about due diligence and chemistry.  As posted on this day, 10418.  Ken Hausle

 And, if you want to get a head start why not check this out:  




OK, this is a new section at the website and today is December 14, 2018, a Friday, and I'm taking the day off work.  So, I've got some time to think about this site.  In fact, I've been thinking about it a lot - just like I've thought about cellulose acetate a lot, and I'm not kidding.  Hells-Bells - I worked at a large chemical plant where we made the stuff, so I am very informed.



I think the keys to success for coming up with a new recyclable plastic from the start include the following:


  1. If possible, use raw materials that are already pretty recyclable.  I'd say wood pulp meets this key.
  2. You are gonna have to think outside the box, especially if the polymer has been around for awhile, but there is a reason why the first plastics did not rely on petroluem.  Is that a key?
  3. Listen to me.  I know my shit ----- just saying, and yes, in my mind - that is KEY.


Did I say my name yet - oh I think I have.  Many times.  But, since this is a new section, let me open it up with:  My name is Ken Hausle.  I also refer to myself often as Buffalo Ken.  I'm from Buffalo and my name is Ken.  OK some very patentable info is coming real soon and it will be in this section and it will be so obvious after you read it.  Remember where you saw it first please and give credit where it is due.  That is not too much to ask.   



OK, so it is a new day now 121618, and I will add a few more thoughts.


  • Petroleum will play an irreplaceable role in finding the new built-to-be-recyclable plastic, so we ought to realize that petroleum is limited.  Wood pulp on the other hand is not.  No near-term limits on wood pulp on planet earth.
  • The value of petroleum is gonna always go up for a long time, so lets not waste it now.
  • There will need to be a "chemical trigger" for the recyclable plastic because it ain't worth much if it breaks down easy.
  • The trigger will need to be something that is unlikely to be encountered in any normal day-to-day activity. 


And that folks in my imaginary imagination who are even paying attention - is enough for today (121618). 


Neon needs to be neon red.  So on this day of 122918, this is a quick update based on what I've learned since I inititally posted it. 

Trigger Candidate 1:  Neon.  122918 8:11 pm EST.  The neon will only work in conjunction with a catalyst.  When the two are applied together the reclaimed plastic material is basically transformed back to what it started out as and can easily be purified to "as good as new".  Ala - designed from the get go to be recyclabe.  Note:  There will be other trigger candidates because this idea may not work.  Still, the thought process is what really matters.  

OK, it is now 123018.  Yesterday I had at least three separte posts and associated publishings on this website.  I'm sure there are records somewhere.  But, I've decided neon will not work for this purpose because think about it - It is the 5th most common element in the whole universe.  No doubt this is directly connected to its stability as Atomic Number 10.  So, I think neon is gonna play a direct role in my new plastic, but it cannot be the trigger.  Happy New Years everybody.  2019 is gonna be GREAT!